The sound healing with crystal bowls blessings at our baby shower was a once in a lifetime experience. 🥹
My partner and I sat in the middle of the circle, and absorbed the angelic sound bath frequencies, uplifting emotions and beautiful prayers for our unborn son. 🩵🩵🩵
Thank you Renia, for this sacred offering that filled our hearts with happiness and joy. I hope that other groups of people will also get to experience the same healing and loving vibrations that we experienced. Aho ✨✨✨🐝🐝🐝💫💫💫🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
- Asia Panna Joannahappy client
I highly recommend Renatka!! Every time she enters the room, she is like a ray of sunshine! I had couple private sessions so far and I cant wait for more! She is kind, knowledgeable and she focused. I am relaxed after each session, I have no trouble falling and staying asleep and I firmly believe each session improves my overall wellbeing! Thank you Renatka and see you soon 🩵
Monika Kbrahappy client
I can’t express enough gratitude for my sessions with Renata. The powerful energy movement, the kindness, the love, the understanding, the wisdom. We converse about what I’m going through and what I need to work on and she works her magic through tuning forks. I always knew sound is a powerful healer but never felt better than when I do after getting a fork tuning. I 100% recommend Renata to anyone looking for a new modality to try! Thank you Renata!
- Mario Makja
I highly recommend Renia! Her kind heart, deep wisdom and passion for healing makes her absolutely brilliant. Thank you for everything you do Renia!
Basia GasiorBasia Gasiorhappy client