Holistic Sessions

Holistic Sessions

Your body is an extraordinary source of wisdom and a guide to complete health. Illness is its way of conveying important messages to us, much like in an ancient legend where a whisper turns into a resounding call.

The onset of illness signifies that all the possible signals coming from our body have been ignored, not heard in time.

Through the Total Biology Method, Psychobiology, you will discover that our emotions hold the key to our health. Every pain or discomfort is a signal that our soul is calling for us to understand something crucial. It’s a process of uncovering the causes, like finding a needle in a haystack. But it’s worth doing.

Your goal is to release hidden emotions that have influenced your life. This journey will help you understand your heritage and beliefs that shape your present. Diseases are the result of emotional loads, and unresolved traumas known as conflicts in psychobiology. Our body communicates with us through processes within, what we often call discomfort or illness is actually an attempt to save our lives.

Every emotion we experience reflects in our body and over many years can generate symptoms leading to discomfort and eventually to disease. Until we become aware of the cause, this state will persist.

Discover the source of your health and well-being by releasing what doesn’t serve you, transforming yourself, and opening the doors to a better future.

The time of healing is an opportunity to understand yourself, love yourself, and accept that we cannot change the past. However, we have control over our reactions, and our attitude now, and that is power. The power for positive change. Meetings based on the knowledge of Total Biology, Psychobiology, and Chinese Medicine allow you to embark on a journey toward a full life.