Access Bars

Access Bars

Access Bars is the most recent method I’ve incorporated into my practice to assist everyone looking to break free from the conditioning and limitations of their thoughts, feelings, and emotions on their path to freedom.

Access Bars treatment involves gently touching and stimulating 32 points on the head. These points are called energy bars, where we store patterns, thoughts, fears, judgments, beliefs, and emotions about ourselves, others, and the world.

Where do these beliefs come from, especially the unsupportive ones?

Sometimes, we develop them ourselves by gathering various experiences, sometimes painful and unpleasant, in which we believe, thus reinforcing them. Others, we consciously or, more often, unconsciously inherited from our parents, their belief systems, close individuals, and society. We’ve been operating based on them since childhood, or even earlier, as the project plan/goal, according to the knowledge of Total Biology, can influence us up to 9 months before our birth. These beliefs determine a person’s personality and character. The good news is, we can influence their change.

The appropriate touch of these 32 points in 12 positions allows for the discharge of accumulated electrical charges in our brain. This slows down brain wave activity, leading to access to your behavioral patterns, belief systems, and points of view, and changing them into positive and supportive ones. Being here, you become aware of what serves you and what doesn’t, and thus, you have the opportunity to change.

What are the other benefits?

You start being more present in your life, so past events no longer have such an impact on your present and future! You also improve the likelihood of future possibilities by having greater mindfulness and a sense of peace in your body and mind. You regain conscious control over your life!

After an Access Bars session, you may observe:

  • A greater lightness in your body, better connection with it, and ease in interpreting the signals your body sends; it’s always communicating with us!
  • A sense of inner peace.
  • Deep relaxation and relief.
  • Increased immunity and physical fitness.
  • The farewell to insomnia and the ability to enjoy a restful sleep.
  • The reduction (over time, disappearance) of hidden, chronic stress, anxiety, irritability, and anger.
  • Increased motivation, joy in life, and creativity.
  • Improved concentration, release from racing thoughts, and the elimination of troublesome patterns, beliefs, habits, and recurring mental loops.
  • The ability to fully utilize your potential, skills, and abilities.
  • Enhanced well-being and an improved quality of daily life.
  • In both children and adults, greater concentration and learning abilities, as well as improved memory and, as a result, school performance.

Access Consciousness Bars helps achieve balance for hyperactive or shy children who struggle with concentration and learning. It also supports pregnant women and helps infants relax and enjoy longer, peaceful sleep.

“Consciousness is the ability to be present in every moment of your life without judging yourself or others. It is the ability to accept everything, reject nothing, and create everything you desire in life—better than you have it now, better than you can imagine.” – Gary Douglas

The number of necessary sessions is an individual matter. It depends on how deeply these limitations are rooted in us and what effect we expect. Sometimes, one or a few sessions are enough to feel positive changes in our lives. Sometimes, the effects may not be visible or felt immediately, and several liberating sessions may be needed for a deeper effect. It all depends on the individual predisposition of the person undergoing the session. A good therapist’s task is to ensure that the session’s effect is as good and beneficial as possible, conducted in a friendly environment with the intention of finding the best solution. The rest is in your “hands” and thoughts.

What do I hear from you after our meetings?

  • “I feel lightness in my mind and body.”
  • “I feel good, clearer. I fell asleep, and I think I might have even snored.” To me, this is a compliment, meaning that the person allowed themselves to fully relax and felt completely taken care of.
  • “I let go of what I came with, it dissolved. There’s more space in my head. Thank you.”
  • “My neck has relaxed; I can look back easily.” Here, the person came with a stiff neck muscle.

How can it get even better?”