Be the Conscious Author of Your Life

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Be the Conscious Author of Your Life

I invite you to spontaneous stationary workshops:
“Be the conscious author of your life.”
The topic of this meeting will be:
– How the mind works, how to make friends with it. (It’s really good to know how it works)
– Consciousness and subconsciousness. Which one controls our lives, watches over it and gives us solutions?
– What are beliefs, what is their power and how to change them.
– Identifying emotions and methods of releasing them. (according to David R. Hawkins and others)
Accepting our emotions and allowing ourselves to express them is a step towards releasing them. Relaxation in the body, better mental and physical health, increased energy levels, feeling happiness and peace are the benefits of this process.
Release allows us to rebuild supportive habits in our mind.
Every change starts with us.
“Until you make it unconscious
conscious, it will guide your life
and call it fate.”
Karl Jung
I invite everyone who is ready for positive changes, looking for beneficial solutions and answers on how to live in harmony with themselves.
There will be exercises to work with each other and in a group to consolidate this knowledge. There will also be some exercise, which is an essential source of our energy.
You need a notebook and a pen. Writing things down by hand supports your brain and makes it easier to remember.
Dress comfortably (this does not eliminate comfortable dresses for women and men if you want 😉).
A sense of humor is always a supporting factor.
I believe that the positive energy of our group will build bonds between us, increase our common awareness and beliefs that support our lives.
I am happy to announce that healthy snacks will be prepared for us by my guest Beata Macias, FeelBetter Hub.
Beata is a licensed occupational therapist and holistic dietitian with a passion for discovering self-worth and fulfillment in everything we do.
I cordially invite you to her group for many valuable tips and tricks.
Outlook & Holistic
Approach to Our Health
Workshops take place in:
Chicago Cars Us Inc.
6007 S Archer Rd, Summit, IL 60501
Time 4pm-7pm
Please register via:
Investment in yourself $55
Payment options:
PayPal, Zelle.
After registering, you will receive information to make the payment.
After making the payment, please send me a message on Messenger or e-mail to be included on the list of participants.
The number of places is limited.
Renata Kusmider
I am.
I work with the holistic therapeutic method Embrace TherapyⓇ – a method combining work with what is subconscious from the level of the “inner child”, to the level that gives power to causative force, on the way to abundance and a sense of fullness. I am also a Hand Reflexologist and Total Biology Consultant (under certification). It is a psychological concept that encourages us to change the way we perceive our health and diseases that appear in our lives. After all, we are looking for solutions, not problems, at all levels of our being.
Diseases are manifestations of conflicts that we have not resolved. These are, for example, words that we have not said to others, and often to ourselves. Something that was not solved at the conscious level eventually had to be pushed into the subconscious, and this finds solutions at the biological level, creating the disease.
I am passionate about a holistic approach to life and health. A propagator of smiling, letting go, and the daily practice of gratitude and joy. I love traveling, especially the journey deep inside myself.
I cordially invite you to the workshops
– Be the conscious author of your life

13 October
Friday @ 12:00 am - 12:00 am




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