Reflexology #3

Holistic Sessions

As a certified Quantum and Sound Therapist, Reflexologist, and Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, I offer holistic therapies that serve as your sanctuary for profound healing.

Discover the magic of non-invasive sound therapy with tuning forks and singing bowls, a therapeutic journey that restores your body and soul to their natural rhythms. The gentle vibrations of tuning forks stimulate your immune system and empower your body’s innate healing abilities, offering solace to those battling physical and mental ailments.

Techniques used include but are not limited to:
– The Bioresonance technique supports the alignment of brain waves, which gives the possibility to program the mind for positive thinking. It works with the frequencies of internal organs as well. It supports work with hypnosis and addictions, increases concentration of thoughts, but also deepens meditation and relaxation. It can also aid or activate prophetic dreams, clairvoyance, and higher states of consciousness.
– The cleansing and regulating chakras technique leads to the centering and harmonization of energy throughout the body.
– The Otto Tuning Forks Therapy is for relaxation, and for sending vibrations into the bones. This technique is used in bone ailments, injuries or fractures.
– The vibrational acupressure and reflexology healing techniques provides an effective option for needle sensitive people, and works well in place of—or in addition to—traditional needling techniques for accessing and nourishing the Qi and the body’s meridian system.
– Skin technique – for skin problems and changes, smoothing out wrinkles, even skin tone, helps blemishes, and and reduces cellulite. It also helps you regain beautiful, lush hair.
– The Perfect Fifth Technique – the most perfect intervals – brings balance to the entire nervous system, peace and tranquility, integrating the mind with the body, and gives deep relaxation. Punctual application of this interval will bring relief from about any pain. Thanks to the perfect fifth, the tissues nourish themselves. It is also the anti-cancer technique to strengthen the self-healing powers of cancer.